spray gun (branded)

spray gun (branded) ₦75,000

CV1 spray gun 1.3mm/1.8mm Stainless steel nozzle paint spray gun /car paint spray gun/air spray gun/air tools/ car clean paint sprayer

Stainless steel inlet and outlet, corrosion resistance
More suitable for waterborne paint and corrosive paint spraying

1. for the global water-based paint market

2.Apply to paints and varnishes.

3. classic comfortable handle, showing incredible handling and balance;

4.Innovative trigger design, handle smoothly and comfortable, very easy to clean and maintain.

5.The forged and pressed gun body is compact to prevent paint jumping.

6.Extremely delicate mirror surface treatment, the gun body looks Like a fine work of art.

1.Nozzle Size: 1.3mm

2.Nozzle Material: Highest quality level of stainless steel.


4.Pressure:3.0bar; Max pressure:10 bar

5. Pattern Width:22-28cm

6.Air Consumption:When come into 2.0 bar air, the air consumption is 270L/min

Package: 1 x Spray tool 1 x 600cc Cup 1 x Mesh Filter 1 x Nozzles 1 x Caps 1 x Wrench 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x User Manual

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