Golocare ₦120,000

LAUNCH Golo Carcare is a specific device, that allows perform a real-time remote diagnosis by the favorite workshop of costumers choice with a compatible latest generations professional diagnostic scanner Launch of DBSCar series - PRO, PRO3, PADII, CRP229 ... In combination with a usual smartphone or tablet, the driver can carry out the vehicle diagnostic error code checking and clearing, save the full system scan compact report, that later can be used for send on-line to  mechanic for posterior analysis. If it will be necessary, the mechanic will ask for estabilish the remonte connection with a car for real-time system diagnostic and will check all error codes, clear them and check the real time parameters from all car systems and sensors. It is a good solution for the private costumers with one their favorite garage, for people, that trust in the professional staff and don´t want to loose time trying to understand difficult diagnostic processes. Also it is a usefull for big companies with a car parques, for ex. for taxi, car rentals, etc., where is important control a big quantity of cars in centralized mode. It works basing on devices with Android OS and iOs via Bluetooth. For a remonte diagnosis will be necessary have a active Internet connection.

The more advanced LAUNCH Golo X differs with a built-in micro sim card module 3G, GPS sensor and acceleration G-Sensor for full autonomy, remonte conection to adapter and localization services - track playback, current car location and etc., also with presence of such advanced functions as, car current  state reports every week, alarm function, cars current state and live data control in the real time and other functions. This variant is perfect when is needed the distance control of the car in the real time and without human intervention. There are also is a feature of WiFi hotspot for mobile devices in your car to connect to the Internet. Main functions are very similar as Golo CarCare and more.

Functions and description

Vechile inspection

- multi system error code scanning with full diagnostic report
- one key all system DTC error code clearing
- remonte diagnostic of your car by autorised car mechanic *

Reports and alerts

- diagtnostic report sending to your autorised car mechanic
- critical alarms and reports 
- abnormal, intruder, driving behavior and location alarm (only Golo X)

Social network

- car owner community

Map services (only Golo X)

- car location
- track playback / trip details
- search surroundings
- driving records

Efficienty program

- car driving efficienty with recomendations and driving report

WiFi hotspot (only Golo X)

- WiFi hotspot for mobile devices to connect to the Internet

* Golo X / Golo Carcare is compatible with LAUNCH diagnostic tools based on Android OS, e.g. X-431 PRO, PRO 3, PAD II, CRP229 ...

Technical specifications

Power supply: 9-18 volts via OBD port

Suitable for: iOS & Android devices

Connection with adapter:  Bluetooth (Golo Carcare) / WiFi (Golo X)

Showing work modes: by built-in LED

Using mode: operating by free and easy to use and understand app

Weight: 26 g (Golo Carcare) / 39 g (Golo X) 

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