SPRAY booth qgsb-3lt

SPRAY booth qgsb-3lt ₦9,200,000

Spray Booth. GTSB-300i.


Outside dimension


Inside dimension



Main door

3fold,3000×2600mmW×H),Aluminum alloy door


Wall panel

Thickness: 50mm, EPS heat preservation panel, tongue and groove

Structure. with 0.376mm color plate.


Intake air system

Use 2x4KW Siemens technique centrifugal fan, total air capacity:



Exhaust system

1 pc of 5.5kw doubled-intake centrifugal fan. Flow capacity:20000 m³/h


Heating system

Original Italy RIELLO G20 burner, Stainless steel high efficient heat exchangers

Maximum calorific value:200000kcal/h.


Automatic Damper

Motor Voltage  420V/50HZ/3PH

Total power 14.7kw.

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