Top filter

Top filter ₦240,000

These filters are backed with imported PE or common non-flammable net scrim.
The series of ceiling filters are mainly used in advanced industries such as car painting, Hi-tech electronics, aerospace
and other military areas etc.
The outlet side of the filter media is reinforced by imported PE net and fire-retardant net. High flame resistance, high dust
holding capacity, low initial resistance, safe and reliable.
Composited of imported high-performance, break-resistant synthetic fiber in gradual technology ;Due to complete
penetration of viscosity in media, dust particles can not pass. Fully filtered air evenly spreads to form a laminar flow state
to achieve the best spray results.
This series is the economic development of the ceiling filters, we use the longer hot melt anti-broken synthetic
fiber and high quality water resin for this series.
Application: capturing 1-10μm particles,
especially for the top part of spray booth,
prefiltration mesh to reinforce through air
filter system, diffluent equally
Type: supply pads or rolls size
Media: synthetic fiber with gradual density,
the inlet side attached glassfiber mesh or PP
fabric for support, surface of inlet side with
adhesive treatment


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