Launch TWC-521 Tyre Changer

Launch TWC-521 Tyre Changer ₦920,000

Launch TWC-521 Tyre Changer

The Launch TWC-521 Tyre Changer features a very strong structure, flexible operating mechanism and high quality electrical and pneumatic parts to achieve exceptionally high reliability.
The optional Multi-joint help arm makes the tyre changing process very simple and safe.

The Launch TWC-521 provides high performance servicing of automobiles and a long service life, helps technicians dismount and mount tyres with automobile wheels rapidly.  It is suitable for various types of tyres, like Run flat and low profile types.


  • Metal pedal system is more stable and stonger
  • Updated horizontal column with fully mechanical design
  • Single way bead breaking cylinder save 30% air and electric energy
  • Aluminum Pedal system Valve, input and output distinguished by colors
  • Turntable Cylinder – 360kg maximum clamping power
  • The air guider inside adopt 3 level rubber ring, with better designed serialing system
  • Inside gear system using the rare oil to protect the whole system and to avoid infuse the oil frequently
  • Bead breaking system (6mm plastic protector) with new structure better for big size tire
  • Double-layer box 2 times stronger than normal design and low down the resonance and noise


  • Right Auxiliary arm assist 5A (Optional)
  • Tilt swing arm are free to move
  • Update horizontal column with a fully mechanical design
  • Bead breaker cylinder with tower spring
  • Self-centering Working Table
  • Improved new design
  • Launch comprehensive after service network

Launch TWC-521 Product Parameters

Input Voltage: 220V

Working Pressure: 0.8-1 Mpa

Wheel Width: 4-13′

Working Table Size: 9-24′

Maximum Wheel Diameter: 1050 mm

Packing Size: 1150*950*980 mm


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