XTool KC100

XTool KC100 ₦130,000

XTOOL KC100 VW 4th & 5th IMMO Adapter Compatible for X100 PAD Elite (X100 PAD3), X100 PAD2 Pro/PS90/PS90 Pro

It is part of the Xtool X100 PAD Elite (PAD3) and PAD2 Pro.
Kc100 can work with XTool X100 PAD Elite SE, PAD2, PS90, PS90 Pro.
KC100 is used for VW4 & 5th IMMO. With KC100, X100 PAD Elite SE can do all the functions of X100 PAD Elite. With KC100, X100 PAD2 can do all the functions of X100 PAD2 Pro.

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