Launch X-861 3D Wheel Aligner

Launch X-861 3D Wheel Aligner ₦2,500,000

Launch X-861 3D Wheel Aligner

Launch X-861 3D Wheel Aligner can measure various angles of automobile tires, including front and rear wheel toe angle, front and rear wheel camber, kingpin caster, kingpin tilt, thrust angle, etc.

With high accuracy, X-861 is easy to use for Wheel Alignment measurements.

Launch X-861 3D Wheel Aligner Features

1. 3D measurement technology – more accurate and more stable

2. Specialized Camera System

3. Equipped with the targets without electronic elements

4. Calibration is not required

5.  Easy to operate by using User-friendly software interfaces

6. Smart measurement with fully Automatic Tracking and Moving Functions

Applications of Launch X-861 3D Wheel Aligner

  1. Accelerated or uneven Tyre Wear
  2. Traction, Floating or other Handling or Operational problems
  3. After replacing worn Suspensions or Steering System Components
  4. Repair after Collision
  5. Routine Maintenance of Vehicle

Launch X-861 3D Wheel Aligner Components

1Lateral beam assembly1
2Post assembly1
3Cabinet assembly1
4Clamp & Target assembly1
5Computer (Optional)1
6Turn tables2
7Steering wheel holder1
8Brake pedal depressor1
9Printer (optional)1
Total Toe-in±20︒±0.02︒
Individual Toe-in±20︒±0.02︒
Kingpin inclination±25︒±0.05︒
Flinch Angle±10︒±0.01︒
Thrust Angle±10︒±0.01︒

X-861 3D Wheel Aligner Measurement Parameters 

Equipment Parameters

Technical IndexDescription
Input Voltage220V AC (10A)
Input Frequency50~60Hz
OthersComputer (including host, LCD display, keyboard & mouse)(Optional), Measurement software, Printer (Optional) etc.

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